How It Works

Your Information Flow with CIO Integration Approach



“Is this plugin compatible with my theme and other plugins?”

That is a frequently asked question when people look for a new plugin.  We understand your needs and concerns in running a small business, and take an integration approach.  CIO custom fields plugins work together to provide a solution to meet all your data needs, from data upload, to data presentation, and  to business report.

All of CIO tools are independent of themes, and play well with other plugins. When there are potential conflicts with other plugins, you will have the option to disable certain features from CIO so that you can continue to use your existing plugins.

CIO tools are created with the following criteria in mind:

  • Tools must be efficient.
  • Tools must be scalable when business grows.
  • Tools must be simple to set up,  simple to use.
  • Instructions must be easy to understand, even by layman.

Every business is unique, so is yours. If your needs are not fully met, you may contact us to have a tool created and customised for you.

CIO custom field tools are designed to be robust, high performance, and time saving. The tools are created to take away the pains of entering and updating data on the website, so you can focus on what is more important in your business.

If you are a website developer,  you will love the simple user interface and time saving features. You may configure options to meet different data needs with little or no code at all. And your clients will love you because you have provided a high performance solution that is easy to set up, efficient to run.

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