If you run a small business,

you know the joys and pains.


You have some great ideas for business.

You motivate yourself and just do it.

You are in the driver’s seat.

You work hard, and your business is growing.


Yet your time and resources are limited.

You have to do almost everything.

Even these are not your strengths.

You have a cool WordPress website.

Your contents change from time to time.

You keep information in spreadsheets.

It takes you ages to update website contents.

Your site gets slower and slower as records increase.


You want to save time and money.

You want your website to load faster.

You have been thinking.

You have been looking.

You have been trying.

You have been testing.

Your Solution Is Right Here


From any spreadsheets.

To any contents.

Efficient to upload,

Efficient to run.


It is simple.

It is easy.

It is fast.

It is flexible.

It is CIO,

The Custom Fields Suite of Tools.


Finally you are relieved from the chores!

Now you can focus on what you do best,

and what is more important.

What are Custom Fields for WordPress?

Custom fields are where your data is stored, apart from WordPress’s standard fields such as title and content.

WordPress was originally created as a blogging tool for self-publishing. It soon became popular and software developers around the world wrote plugins (software modules) to extend its functionality. As a result of its blogging heritage, WordPress’s default database is designed to store information of articles such as title and content. Extra information beyond title and content is often stored as custom fields. If you use WordPress to manage your unique online presence, most likely you are already using custom fields.

What is CIO Custom Fields Suite of Tools?


CIO Custom Fields Suite of Tools is a collection of tools designed for small and medium businesses.  These tools are tailored made for small and medium businesses to have a high performance online presence with low set up fee and low running cost.

These tools are made simple and easy to use by people without programming knowledge.  Configuration options are available for advanced users.

CIO Custom Fields suite of tools consists of the following tools, and the list is expanding.

  • CIO Custom Fields Importer, which works with other plugins to enable importing data from any spreadsheets to any contents in WordPress.
  • CIO Custom Fields for WooCommerce, which enables collecting and displaying extra information about WooCommerce customers and products
  • CIO Custom Field Groups for Pods, which extends PODS to enable custom field groups and conditional display of information. (This tool is designed for developers)

What are the benefits to me?

High Performance: CIO Custom Fields suite of tools are designed to be scalable as your business grows. Whether you have a few dozen products or a few hundred thousand items, the tools consistently  deliver.

Save Time The tools are designed to save you time by making good use of small businesses’ dominant data format: spreadsheets. You or your employees enter data once, using the spreadsheet software you are already familiar with. No more manual entries on the website. Data in electronic format can be imported and displayed on website automatically, at your choice.

Save Money   CIO Custom Fields Suite of tools offers good value for money. With a small and one-off initial investment, you will benefit from the high performance automated online system with low running cost. In countries with high labor cost, the saving can be quite significant.

All of CIO Custom Fields Professional Editions come with

* Unlimited site license. you can use on as many websites as you like, either owned by you or your clients.

* Life time free support, if you have paid an one-off fee to us to upgrade to professional edition

* Life time free upgrade, if you have paid an one-off fee to us to upgrade to professional edition. There is no more to pay. No annual license renewal.

* 30 day money back guarantee. no questions to ask.

What is next step?

Each business is unique. Your business is unique too. Please contact us to know more about how you will benefit from our standard range of productivity tools.

If  you have a business problem to solve and our standard range of tools are not adequate, please contact us for an obligation free consultation to have tools created and customized for your unique needs.

Our goal is about taking away the pains, so you will have more joys in running a business.

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