CIO Multimedia Comments


A picture is better than 1000 words. Multimedia is even better. This plugin enables your readers to upload multiple multimedia files in comments, and provide extra information through custom fields. You will interact with readers in a brand new way.

CIO Multimedia Comments is an add-on to PODS – Custom Content Types and Fields and needs PODS to run and deliver some of the features. Please install and activate Pods before installing this plugin.

Features of free version:

* allow multiple multimedia files in comments
* upload from both desktop and mobile devices.
* add unlimited custom fields to comments
* support field types: file and media, text, text area, wysiwyg editor, number, date, color picker, radio, checkbox, dropdown list

* limit upload file type and size
* relate to any items inside and even outside of WordPress
* automatically display extra information in comments (free version supports one image only)
* drag and drop configuration using graphical user interface
* customised display using css
* control access by custom field

* check file types during upload for security.

The cio-header.gif in the screenshot below is a fake image. It is actually a  script under disguise. The fake image was detected and prevented from uploading.



Features of premium version:

* full control over when, what, to whom, and how to show your discussion threads in comments.

* automatic display images and file download links to authorized users in comments after approval, if configured so.
* approve or disapprove multimedia files by comment
* display or hide data by custom field
* organize custom fields by group, display or hide the group of fields conditionally
* allow file upload on pages or posts meeting preset conditions, or specific page/post.
* posting comments before registering an account, if configured this way.

Live Demo of CIO Multimedia Comments in Action.



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