CIO Custom Fields Importer

Overview of Custom Fields and Import Process

Custom fields are how your data is collected and stored using a WordPress website. Many custom fields are stored as meta data, flexible to implement and usable for small scale application.

When you enter data into custom fields, the plugin you are using saves the data for future use. The manual process is tedious and error prone.


CIO Custom Fields Importer is a simple, easy, fast and flexible add-on plugin to handle data import in large volume. It works together with the following two plugins to import any CSV or XML files to any contents on a WordPress website.

  • WP All Import, parsing of XML or CSV source files
  • PODS Content Types and Custom Fields, for handling data storage



CIO Custom Fields Importer expands the content types that WP All Import handles. CIO Custom Fields Importer detects custom fields of all WordPress content types created by any plugins, and lists them in a template for WP All Import to process. It then takes over the custom fields data from WP All Import, identify the custom field types, decide whether to update or create new records, convert data input if necessary, and hand over to PODS to store in the right place.



All these three plugins are only required at import time. If you only run manual import, after data import, all three plugins can be safely deactivated until the next manual import. These three plugins need to stay activated for scheduled automatic import.


Replacing the manual process with the high performance import process is only a temporary solution. As your records increase and your needs change, your website will reach a status where it can no longer meet the needs of your growing business.

Pods is designed for high performance as it handles custom fields differently. You can use Pods to redevelop your website, or use our service to develop a high performance website using Pods, incorporating the high performance import modules.


Here is a link to a comparison of the custom fields plugins available for WordPress.

A comparison of custom fields plugins

What do you think? If your website is struggling with increasing custom fields, contact us for a free initial consultation about your high performance website.


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