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I am thinking of migrating to WordPress and need a new website. Can you help?

Certainly. We specialise in database migration and development of heavy duty high performance WordPress websites within your budget. Please send an email to support@vipp.com.au with a description of your project. The initial consultation is free. You will benefit from our experience, knowledge and researches in building user-friendly and efficient content management system.

I am a developer. Can I use the professional version of your plugin on my clients’ website?

Absolutely, and even better, you can use on as many websites as you want, for free. CIO Custom Fields Importer Professional Edition comes with unlimited site license and lifetime upgrade and support. You can use it on as many websites as you like, either owned by you or your clients. You only need to pay an one-off fee when you upgrade to the professional edition.

Please note we only provide technical support to customers who have paid a fee to us. If you use it on your clients’ website, you will need to provide support to them. We try to help if we have time and resources available but we prioritise on supporting fee-paying customers.

What is the catch? If I can use your professional plugin on other websites, how do you make money?

There is no catch. We don’t insert advertising scripts, or create links back home. We are confident our customers (free or fee-paying) will benefit from our experience in business information flow consultation, website migration, data import, and database optimisation. Some of them will engage us for further development of CMS, plenty of jobs and plenty of money. There are huge needs for customised, affordable and robust CMS from small and medium businesses around the world.

I am using a plugin to create custom tables and fields. Will your plugin support these custom fields

The free version of CIO Custom Fields Import only supports custom fields created with PODS.

The professional version supports custom fields created with most plugins as long as the custom fields are registered in WordPress.

If the plugin you are using creates its own tables and is not a registered wordpress content type, we can write custom code and use the native API of your plugin to process imported data. A development fee may be applicable depending on complexity of the task.

I installed and activated this plugin, but can’t find out any menu

The add-on needs WP All Import and Pods to work. First verify these two plugins are installed and activated. Create a new import under the menu of WP All Import, upload a test cvs or xml file, then in step 3, you will see custom fields created with Pods.

I can import some pods, but have issues importing others. the process is killed by the server

Possible causes – please check pods fields settings. Mandatory pods fields must be assigned a value for the import to succeed.

I can’t import into some custom fields created with pods

Possible causes 1 – custom field names shared among pods (resolved since version 1.0.1)

The CIO Custom Fields Importer detects and lists ALL your custom fields created with PODS in one form in step 3 of the import process, even though you are importing ONE pods content type at a time. The custom fields are grouped by pods labels.

If a field name is used in multiple pods, multiple input cells will be generated in the form with the same field name, and only the value of the last input cells (possibly blank by default) will be saved.

To avoid this problem, please try to use unique field name when creating your pods. If you have to use the same field name in multiple pods, then you can drag and drop the value to the last input cell.

Possible causes 2 – custom defined list in relationship field

Please check the custom defined list in your relationship field. The value supplied in the csv or xml file has to be in the custom defined list to be imported.

Possible causes 3 – import settings

If you are running from a previous import template, some custom fields may have been skipped because of the import settings. Please check the import log, or import setting and make sure the custom fields are allowed to import.

I can see a pods content type but can’t import data to the pod

CIO Custom Fields Importer free edition detects and lists all your pods content types however it supports importing and updating of post types only, including new custom post types created with pods, and posts/pages extended with pods.

Please consider upgrading to CIO Custom Fields Importer Pro to import other content types (including Advanced Content Types and extended Users).

My csv file has many rows, but only the header row is detected

This is probably caused by improperly formatted csv files, such as the CSV files saved by Microsoft Excel. You may try to open the csv files using another spreadsheet program such as the free OpenOffice or LibreOffice, save as a new CSV file and see whether the problem is resolved.

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