SEO Case Study – Dinner On The Table

Find Customers Through SEO

Focus on user experience and customer service.

Dinner On The Table is one of the fast growing catering companies in Sydney. In this case study we will give an overview of how Dinner On The Table focuses on user experience, optimises for search engines, and finds new customers through SEO. Hopefully you will find some tips and inspirations if you plan to do SEO by yourself.

Business Profile


Dinner On The Table

Service Area

Greater Sydney


Event catering

Niche Market and Competitive Strength

Dinner On The Table is a social enterprise caterer providing ready made meals delivery and event catering in Sydney. It gives free dinners to families living with disabilities. This sets it apart from other caterers.

Customer Service and Sales Process

Dinner On The Table provides good customer service and has a group of loyal customers. It has profiles on popular social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and has 5-star reviews on Facebook.

Customers purchase dinners on the website, pick up from the kitchen, or have them delivered.

Dinner On The Table deliver food to venue when catering for events or functions.

New customers may purchase dinners again, or have private/corporate events to cater for. There is a high lifetime value in getting new customers.

Website Infrastructure and Baseline Ranking Status

Dinner On The Table has built an eCommerce website on Shopify, and has the capacity to scale when the number of customers increase. This also means it has the limitations of the hosting platform.

Most customers came to Dinner On The Table by referral. The website didn’t rank for any keywords of significant search volume.

photo of Rachel Golding, founder of Dinner on the table
Dr Rachel Golding, Founder of Dinner on The Table

Technical Aspects of SEO

Image Optimisation

Images are important in catering industry. A well shot photo has the potential to influence a customer’s decision. However a page with many big images can be very slow to load.

As a priority we looked for pages with heavy downloads, and resized the images to speed up the page.

HMTL Markup, URL and Link Structure

There were some inappropriate use of tags and anchor text. These may confuse Google robots, or miss the opportunities to communicate.

We removed duplicate headings, and adjusted the anchor text by modifying the website theme template. This resulted in a clear site structure.

Structured Data

Structured data helps Google robots to under the page structure. Some data may be accepted to appear in the search engine result page (SERP), such as feature photos, or customer reviews.

We added structured data to relevant pages, and were glad to see customer reviews were included in the search results page within a few days.

Content Writing

Content Tailored for Searches

Understand search intent.

create content

meet user needs

Contents Added

creating new pages targeting searches

adding customer testimonials

recommending blog topics

The Result of SEO

Dinner on the Table is now on the first page for some target keywords, and progressing for other keywords. This is an ongoing process.

New customers searched and found the website, and started order meals, or got in touch for catering needs.

Canape catering by Dinner On The Table