What do you care most as a property investor?

"What is the return? Can I afford?" Insight helps you to SEE.


Simple to use, like a pocket calculator. Even better, you SEE graphical results with a few clicks.


Easy to understand charts save you time and hassle. Easy to access from your favourite computing device, any operating system, anywhere.


Extendible modules enable you to exchange information with professionals of your choice. Record keeping and reporting made easy.

Property investment can be a stressful decision, and choices you make today impact your future. It involves big amount, and takes time to mature. Mistakes are costly. Some people simply stay away from it because of the perceived stress with investment and mortgage payment.

Insight helps you to see better. It visualises your research result and turns boring data into easy to understand charts. You may use it to:

  • calculate returns and compare investment opportunities side by side
  • forecast before and after tax cash flow for the next 10-20 years
  • keep a record of income and expenses,
  • and track the performance of your portfolio.

  • Insight helps you to make good informed decisions, confidently, with peace of mind.

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